Own iberian pigs

Without a doubt, what distinguishes us from any other sausage factory is that we know very well the origin of our sausages and hams because we raise our own Iberian pigs and know that they have eaten and what quality of life they have had.

From the field to your table

Life has changed a lot since I was a child. Then, we raised the pigs at home and in the bush to do the annual slaughter. The purpose was to have reservations for the winter and share with our neighbors just like they did with us.

The elaboration we did then was completely handmade in which every detail was taken care of so that the final product was of the best quality and would last as long as possible. The ham, the chorizo, the loin, etc., was for family and friends and was very careful.

This idea is the basic pillar in our way of making cured sausages. We control the breeding and feeding of our pigs naturally and elaborate without additives as has always been done.

At home, we know that the secret of the flavor and quality of our ham and cured sausages is nothing more than controlling and pampering all the processes. It is nothing more than being in love with our work and determined to improve and learn every day.

Birth and breeding

We raise two types of pigs::

  • 100% Iberian with 100% Iberian mother and father and
  • 50% Iberian with 100% Iberian mother and 50% Iberian father and 50% Duroc.
    Mothers always 100% Iberian breed their young for 111 days on our farms. Once born, they feed on the mother's milk in the first place and then go on to a natural feed made by ourselves until 4 months of age. Between the 4th and 5th month we are adapting the livestock to the climatic conditions outside the farm, taking them little by little to the farms so that they begin to really exercise and feed on grass, roots and acorns.

The montanera

The montanera is the final stage of the Iberian pig's life in which they feed mainly on acorns. This period runs from October to February and allows the animals to fatten between 0.5 and 0.7 kg / day. All our specimens go through montanera for 4 to 5 months in different farms of Castilla y León and Extremadura before the final stage of their life, so their meat acquires an exceptional flavor for the sausage and the curing of hams and shoulders