Shipping and Returns


1. Weights of the products

Products from the pork is impossible to get an accurate weight . The weights of each product are approximate , ensuring only that the actual weight will be between the minimum and maximum periods indicated .

Hams : have a margin of error of + – 300 grams.

Vanes : of + – 200 grams.

Sausages : of + – 75 grams.

The weights are the weights published statistical power of these ranges.

The weight marked on our products is the weight of the departure of our stores, and the buyer must be aware that except in the case of vacuum-packed products , parts lose some weight during transport due to rubbing of the part with packing or liquid natural seepage . This phenomenon is more pronounced during the summer , however the quality is not affected by it.

It is advisable to give the product a few days at room temperature before serving . In the case of vacuum-packed products , it is recommended to “warm up” a dish a few minutes in the microwave and then place the product directly on the it

2. Prices and Quantities

The sale prices listed in the store are always for retail and displayed in euros. The VAT is included in these prices. We reserve the right to change our prices at any time. However, we will apply the current rates listed in the shop at the time of confirmation of your order . In case of orders placed with transfer payment , will keep the price as reflected in the time of order up to 5 calendar days .

3. Delivery

Orders are sent by courier service .

The delivery time may vary depending on product availability . We guarantee delivery of our products as quickly as possible therefore the costumer does not have to worry about anything just to enjoy your articles .

Products will not be sent later than three working days after the confirmation of your payment , the product will be delivered by courier . The expected delivery from confirmation of the receipt of order to delivery to the customer on the peninsula will , on average, be less than 96 hours. This period can be modified in the case of items that are not in stock or for reasons of workload in the shipping department .

Deliveries outside the Iberian Peninsula need to be consulted for delivery times.

For multiple product orders will proceed with a single shipment when available all items , except in the event that the client expressly indicated otherwise. However, FAUSTINO MARTIN PRIETO reserves the right to ship orders in a fragmented way without additional cost to the customer.

5. Damage during transport.

The goods are delivered to the carriers conveniently packaged . However it may happen that the goods suffer damage during transport , whether by theft, for enduring extreme temperatures, by accident or otherwise. You must not admit the merchandise if its external appearance reveals a damage during transport or if the packaging is torn or unsealed . We recommend you contact our company to offer guidance to follow.

The shop is not responsible for merchandise that does not arrive with the seal intact. Should you decide to have the pack we recommend stating the defect observable to sign the collection and , if it is in your hand , you shoot both outside the box and its contents , preferably in the presence of transportation employee , in order to pursue a timely claim to the agency.


As soon as you receive your order , make sure it is the correct item , and it is in perfect condition. If you wish to return or cancel the order, you have 24 hours from the delivery to contact us. To do so, call us at 923 15 26 35 or send us an email with product photo explaining the details of the problem.

Do not send the goods without consulting us .

Once we have received and verified, if the merchandise is defective we will replace it at no cost to you. Initiate the refund , replacement or exchange.

Note that , except in the case of defective merchandise , we can not change or take back items that have been opened or used.

7. Payment

– With credit card. Our system uses a completely secure payment gateway provided by La Caixa .

– For previous transfer to our account of La Caixa , indicating the purchaser’s name and order number . Please note that our delivery times begin counting after we receive payment confirmation . By confirming your order you will receive an email with instructions to transfer .